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Dangerous Workplaces

Some jobs are inherently dangerous, but on the other hand, no job is entirely safe at all times. Even the safest work environments can yield accidents and injuries. If you have been hurt at work, the most important thing you can do is work with an experienced attorney who can help you through the workers’ compensation process.

Attorney John G. Kiwan of The Law Offices of John G. Kiwan, has been serving clients in San Diego and throughout the surrounding California area for more than 30 years in all types of workers’ compensation matters. We are a trusted name for anyone in the area in need of help with workers’ compensation.

Common Injuries And Accidents

  • Back injuries: We have handled many claims involving back injuries at work. When someone falls, lifts heavy objects or performs a back-stretching motion repeatedly over time, back injuries are common.
  • Falls: Especially on construction sites and in factories, falls are common accidents and often result in serious injuries.
  • Repetitive stress injuries: Any physical action repeated often over a long period of time can result in significant injuries. Everyone from office workers to machine operators and factory workers can suffer these injuries. California is one of six states that has a much more lenient standard for obtaining compensation from repetitive stress injuries compared with other states. For technical workers, those who do a lot of typing, etc., there is a good chance of getting workers’ compensation benefits in California for repetitive stress injuries.
  • Machinery-caused injuries: Accidents involving vehicles or other heavy machinery can result in loss of limb, burns, paralysis and other catastrophic injuries.

These are just a few of the common accidents that can occur in the workplace. At The Law Offices of John G. Kiwan, we can help you through every step of the complex workers’ compensation process. If you have been hurt, or if someone you loved has died in a workplace accident, let us know. We can help you.

At The Law Offices of John G. Kiwan, we serve clients in every type of job, from the most dangerous construction and factory work occupations to any type of white collar office jobs.

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