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How Can I Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits After My Claim Has Been Denied?

Denials of workers’ compensation claims are quite common. Disagreement over the extent of injuries, claims that the injuries were not caused at work or failure to meet filing deadlines all provide reasons for the insurance company to deny your claim. And no one else in the entire workers’ compensation process will go out of their way to help you. You need an attorney with workers’ compensation experience to help you.

At The Law Offices of John G. Kiwan, we have more than 30 years of legal experience helping clients through the workers’ compensation process in San Diego, California. We have a track record of success helping clients obtain workers’ compensation benefits after their claims have been denied.

Seeing The Insurance Company Doctor

One of the earliest steps in the process is to see the doctor. Usually, the insurance company will have a list of doctors who are approved for this diagnostic purpose. It is important to remember that the insurance company doctor gets paid by the insurance company. Insurance companies will only choose in-network doctors that they know are likely to deny injuries or determine that the injuries were caused by events outside of the work-related accidents.

The insurance company doctors are not likely to give you a favorable analysis. Since many denials are based on the unfavorable medical review, this is a key aspect of your appeal.

Independent Medical Reviews

An independent medical review is an important part of the appeals process, whereby medical professionals review the original medical determination. These medical professionals are truly independent and outside of the normal network. A favorable independent medical review can be a great asset in the appeals process.

Get The Help You Need

There are many aspects to the workers’ compensation process, especially after a claim has been denied. It is critical to work with a legal team that has the experience and knowledge needed to help you through the process and get the compensation you need.

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