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…..but everyone’s back hurts….right? WRONG! If you have hurt your back and you think it is work-related, you should contact a workers’ compensation attorney today!

“It’s illegal for your employer to punish or fire you for having a job injury or for requesting workers’ compensation benefits when you believe your injury was caused by your job.”

Over 30% of all work-related injuries result in musculoskeletal disorders. A musculoskeletal disorder (or MSD) involves such injuries as pinched nerves; herniated discs; menisci tears, sprains, tears; hernias; pain, swelling and numbness; carpal or tarsal tunnel syndrome; Raynaud’s syndrome or phenomenon; and musculoskeletal system and connective tissue diseases and disorders. Of these injuries, workers generally miss anywhere between a week and a month of work. These missed days and the medical costs associated with recovery should not go uncompensated.

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People who suffer these types of injuries may experience back pain or any other muscle pain that makes even simple movements difficult and painful. Anyone in any job is in danger of suffering a lifting injury. But people who work as laborers and material movers or in freight or stock experience a much higher number of MSD incidents.

The weight of the load lifted often doesn’t cause the injury, but improper lifting techniques can. Employees may also be injured when they twist or contort their bodies in unnatural positions or use their back rather than their legs to bear the weight of the object being lifted.

Back injuries are very common and can be very painful. What is often overlooked is that many other body parts can be injured in a lifting incident. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that though the back is the body part most frequently injured in MSD injuries, it is closely followed by the shoulder, leg and abdomen injuries. Unfortunately, pain can radiate in multiple areas that could eventually be considered a result of the injury. Even after back surgery and other treatment, recovery may take a long time. 

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