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Workers’ Compensation Forms

During the course of your workers’ compensation case, you will be bombarded with numerous forms, concerning everything from your financial benefits to your medical treatment. How these forms are filled out could change the course of your case and thus it is extremely important to read them all carefully. Be sure to contact attorney John G. Kiwan if you have any questions regarding any of the forms.

We have compiled a few of the most important forms in one place for you with a short explanation to help you through the process.

Predesignation form
This is a form that was created by the division of workers’ compensation, consistent with Labor Code Section 4600(d), to allow an injured worker to predesignate a physician prior to an industrial injury.

Workers’ compensation claim form (DCW-1)
This form is required to begin the process for a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

Intake questionnaire
An intake questionnaire gives your workers’ compensation attorney the basic information they need to begin your representation.

Get The Help You Need

OK, now you have some helpful forms, and that’s good, but the most important thing you can do is to work with an experineced attorney who can help you through the workers’ compensation process. Trying to handle your case on your own only increases the odds that your claim could be denied, especially if it’s a more difficult case like one involving repetitive stress injuries

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